The only scientifically proven ready-to-drink (RTD) shot that increases nitric oxide by 55%


Too many supplements promise but don’t deliver.

To ensure performance you need an energy formula that is proven to work – without the crash. Enter Glyco-Energy™ – the energy shot that Fuels YOUR life.

The first of its kind, Glyco-Energy™ is a powerful ready-to-drink (RTD) pre-workout / energy shot formulated with GlycoCarn® – the only scientifically tested ingredient that boosts your body’s nitric oxide levels by 55% to improve performance.

Glyco-Energy™ increases blood flow, cellular energy, muscle recovery, enhances libido strength and improves energy, endurance and stamina. Whether you are competing, exercising, studying, working, or just looking to maintain better energy levels throughout the day, finding the right supplement for sustained energy just got easier.

What’s more? Glyco-Energy™ has no carbs, and no sugars, this means it gives you a no-crash caffeine boost that delivers the energy you need when and where you need it. The formula packs a powerful punch and is fueled with beneficial Vitamins like B3, B6, B9 and B12. These vitamins can help support and increase your metabolism, maintain healthy skin, hair and muscle tone, and enhance your immune and nervous system function.

Glyco-Energy.™ Fuel YOUR life.